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How to Prevent Under-Watering As a Cannabis Growing Problem

Under-watering is a common problem among marijuana growers. It results when growers don’t provide the right amount of water to their plants, causing their roots to dry out and reduce their yield. While most cannabis growers aim to water their plants once the top inch of soil has dried, there are several causes for underwatering. For example, if the grower plants a small seedling in a large pot, the plant may not be able to absorb enough water.

One cause of under-watering is the use of a poor drainage mix. A good mix of coco fibre and perlite in the soil will improve drainage. It is also important to use the right pH balance in the soil. If the soil is too acidic or sour, rot will develop. To prevent under-watering, you can use hygrometers to monitor the moisture content of your soil.

Under-watering can also cause your cannabis plants to look lifeless and weak. The leaves of the plants will look papery and fragile. In addition to this, they may have crispy soil. These symptoms indicate that the plants need more water. However, the root system of the cannabis plant needs water to thrive. So, how do you fix it? Follow these tips:

One way to prevent under-watering is to avoid vacations while growing. You can plan for someone to watch your plants while you’re away. Some growers take a friend to look after the plants while they’re away. However, this is not a practical option for everyone as they may not trust someone else to take care of their plants. In this case, you can use automated watering devices.

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