Licensed wholesale marijuana clones in California

The Tissue Culture Cannabis Clones and Teens Nursery from Monterey County, CA. We are pleased to present our weekly menu of available indoor quality Clones and Teens.

Menu 2024

Santa Cruz Clones
Cultivar05/20 - 05/2405/27 - 05/3106/03 - 06/0706/10 - 06/14
Lemon Cherry Gelato1980250050005000
Black Cherry Gelato500---
White Cherry Gelato430-900900
Glitter Bomb---1500
Stuffed Cherry Zlushies450---
Godfather OG---1000
Carbon Fiber550-10001000
Carbon Candy45030015001500
Gush Mintz430-10001000
Blue Runtz150-300400
Cake N Bake200-350400
Honeycomb Pave10060010001000
Purple Punch--8001000
Permanent Cherries--10001000
Permanent Gas400-10001000
Permanent Push Pop--10001000
Permanent Marker--30003000
Scented Marker---250
Ice Cream Cake 3.0850215015001500
Ice Berry Cake50-5001500
Jokerz Candy-19015001500
Red Velvet Runtz58090010001000
Pink Runtz1500265015001500
Super Buff Cherry S1--8001000
OG #18---500
GG #4---1000
Granddaddy Purple900--1000
Black Gorilla-3003001000
Purple Cherry Popperz400-10001000
Bubblegum Popperz--500800
Gelato 41---400
Gelato 33600150015001500
Los Angeles Clones
Cultivar04/14 - 04/3004/09 - 04/1204/14 - 04/1604/18 - 04/21
Banana Jelly384250477364
Lemon Cherry Gelato620-12002280
Prom Cream----
RS 11379207201070
95 Chem Cookie666-153315
Ice Cream Mintz133---
Jokerz 3125-22090
Kp Runtz---90
Rainbow Unicorn306-282-
Blue Runtz---45
Skywalker og50-111171
Monterey CLones
Banana Jelly------
Black Cherry Gelato--872-810-
Blue Dream----2232-
Blue Runtz-792--138690
Banana Punch288---1674-
Bubble Gum Gelato72-----
Candy Gelato-72---2322
Chilled Cherries------
Double Runtz------
Gelato 33----24303294
Glitter Bomb----2052702
Gorilla Truffle360---306-
Grapes & Cream------
Gush Mintz432126--1242-
Jelly Cake-504--720-
Key Lime Jack------
Lemon Cherry Gelato 2.0-36----
Pink Runtz1444188----
Platinum OG----810-
Rainbow Runtz-3960---2142
Trop Cherry-1368--864216
Upside Down Runtz976---9181242
White Runtz------
Monterey Teens
CultivarReady WeekReady Weeklater
Gelato 3380--
Banana jelly80--
Gorilla Truffle60--
Pink Runtz160--
Candy gelato75--
Trop Cherry70--
Blue Runtz40--
Double Runtz70--
Lemon Cherry Gelato 2.065--
Jelly Cake140--
Rainbow Runtz55--
Glitter Bomb--600
Black Cherry Gelato-200-
Pink Runtz---
Banana Jelly-30-
Gorilla Truffle-350200
Trop Cherry220--
Jelly Cake--200
Bubblegum Gelato--550
Gush Mints--500
Double Runtz---
Colusa CLones
AMPM 200
Apple tarts 800
Spray tan 648
Garlotti 648
Acai gelato 1008
Runtz 1224
Oreoz 2016
Peanut butter zkittlez 1296
Splapz 600
Baby Yoda 1080
Peanut butter Trix 936
Rio Vista
Blue Dream
Bubblegum Gushers
Candy Runtz
Cherry Nova 6
Gelato 33
Gelato 41
Gorilla Glue #4
Gusher Runtz
Lucky No. Zeven (Bubblegum Z phenotype)
Obama Runtz
OG Kush
Pink Runtz
Sour Diesel
Sherbanger 22
Santa Cruz  County:

Lemon Cherry Gelato,
Big Black Gorilla,
Bubblegum Popperz,
Black Cherry Gelato,
Candy Jokerz,
Candy Pave,
Carbon Candy,
Gelato 41,
Grandaddy Purtle,
Gush Mintz,
Ice Berry Cake,
Ice Cream Cake,
OG #18,
Permanent Marker,
Pina Colada,
Purple Cherry Popperz,
Red Velvet Runtz,
Super Buff Cherry S1,
Watermelon Martini,
White Cherry Gelato,
White Truffle,

Colusa County:

Apple Fritter x Wedding Cake,
Acai Gelato,
Apple Fritter x Peanut Butter Zkittlez,
Apple Tartz,
Garlotti x Horchata,
Gelato 41,
Georgia Pie,
LA Kush Cake,
Peanut Butter Zkittles,
Pine Apple Fraz,
Runtz x Gushers,
Runtz x Wedding Cake,
Wedding Cake,

Colusa County New for 2024:

Baby Yoda,
Carbon Fiber,
F1Durban x Runtz,
Garlotti x Runtz,
Gelato 33,
Grapes & Cream,
Mango Mintability,
Moroccan Peaches,
PB Trix,
Thim Mintz x Jelosy,
White Ritz.

Los Angeles:

Banana Jelly,
Prom Cream,
Lemon Cherry Gelato,
95 Chem Cookie,
Ice Cream Mintz,
Kp Runtz,
Rainbow Unicorn,
Blue Runtz,

Orange County:

Candy Pave,
Carbon Candy,
Lemon Cherry Gelato,
Watermelone Martini.


    Acceptable payment methods include PayPal, Cash, ACH and Wire, Money Order, Zelle or Venmo.

    Seal the tray with a cardboard box. 50 clones packed in a 22×11-inch tray.

    Clones measure 7 inches high and can be acclimated indoors in rockwool cubes or oasis cubes.

    Each cut is a first generation tissue-cultured clone. They are strong, healthy, and above all, clean.

    ships all across California. Delivery fees vary depending on the distance and the order.

    Only pre-orders require a deposit. There is no deposit for plants that are already in stock.

    There is no minimum quantity. It is very easy to place an order. To verify and fulfill your order through the Metric System and to provide a breakdown of strains and quantities, please share your Cultivation License. Pre-orders are only subject to a deposit. There is no deposit for plants that are already in stock.

    Licensed and verified by Department of Cannabis Control

    AwsomeClones is responsible for sales, and we are part of a licensed  manufacturer. We act within the law and only deliver legally.

    AwesomeClones is a team of people who all work hard to ensure that everyone has access to the best marijuana clones and plants. We also recognize that licensed commercial growers have a growing market and are committed to providing trustworthy support.

    We believe that offering the best cannabis clones is more than just selling healthy and viable clones. It is about handpicking the best strains to ensure the highest quality product. Our staff is highly skilled and has decades of experience in the marijuana industry.

    Free pickup

    At Monterey County, Orange County, Los Angeles, Colusa CA

    Dedicated support

    +1 (279) 244-8181

    Money-back guarantee

    If the item doesn’t meet your expectations

    Made with love

    The best services

    We only require that you are at least 21 years old and a legal resident of California. We can safely deliver premium clones to your door in California.

    After you have completed your purchase and added your details, a representative will contact you to discuss shipping. Navigate through our strain menu and choose the size of your clones.

    We only offer cannabis clones that are easily identifiable genetically. However, we have a transparent return or replacement policy. We will only charge you for the clones once they are delivered. If you are unhappy with your plants, you can contact us within 24 hours for a replacement or refund.

    Our nursery processes allow us to offer top-quality clones to all types of growers, from novices to experienced farmers. They are also of uniform quality. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a small clone grow into a strong, healthy plant. We are passionate about high-quality cannabis and have been growing it ourselves.

    Clones are faster and easier to grow than the original. No more frustrating days of waiting for seeds to germinate. Our seedlings mature quickly with the best cannabis fertilizer and nutrients.

    AwesomeClones takes great care to ensure that all inspections are thorough.

    We inspect the marijuana clones every day to ensure that they are healthy. These seeds are then grown into healthy plants. We check the strains and genetics of each plant before cloning. We start by selecting cannabis seeds that have been tested for genetics. We take care of the tedious part.

    Each tray of clones has its roots continuously monitored. Our nursery is clean and controlled for temperature and humidity.

    Our website does not charge any fees at all. You can add your address and any other information. Only cash will be accepted for delivery.

    Only verified cannabis genetics are used in our work, and we can deliver plants to any location in California. You don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for cannabis clones on P2P websites. Every marijuana plant is checked before shipment. You can also inspect them upon arrival. We are one of the most reputable clone nurseries within California.

    For wholesale pricing, please get in touch. You can rely on our exceptional customer service to supply you with high-quality cannabis plants that are verified and certified for commercial or experienced growers.

    We deliver clones for sale anywhere in California

    You can rely on our service and expertise to provide you with high-quality cannabis plants. For commercial or experienced growers, it is important that we are a licensed nursery. Please contact us for wholesale prices.

    Quality Clones

    We offer the largest selection of teens and clones, and we ship rooted, healthy plants all across California to licensed growers. You can find our clones below. We are currently the largest marijuana nursery in America with the most clones available.

    The best source

    Our collective’s success is due to a simple way of acquiring the highest quality cannabis strains for both marijuana users and cannabis breeders. We have been consistently the best source for cannabis seeds and clones in California for the past several years.

    Easy-to-use platform

    Our online platform for buying clones is easy and professional. Don’t be fooled by scam websites that offer random lists of cannabis strains with no information. Сontact our live support to inquire further.




    Reliable quality

    We check every clone for visible roots and identifiable genetics before shipping it. Each clone is subject to a strict schedule of lighting and feeding.

    California Delivery

    You can choose your favorite strains, and we'll discreetly deliver them to your home. We have you covered, no matter where you are in Los Angeles, San Diego or San Jose.

    USA Support

    We offer the largest selection of teens and clones, and we support all licensed growers across the USA.

    Are you new to cannabis growing?

    It can be overwhelming to start your own cannabis farm, but it can also be very exciting. You can grow high-quality cannabis plants by using marijuana clones. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork. It can be difficult to buy seeds and wait for them to grow. You’re already on the right track if you are looking for California clones.

    Clones are ideal for growing in the best marijuana growing tents using hydroponics or for growing in natural soil, all of which we offer at unbeatable prices.

    After delivery, you can inspect your plants and you can return them within 24 hours. We offer a transparent return and replacement policy so your order is secure.  If you are new to growing marijuana clones not to worry.

    Our clones are ideal for growing with both marijuana grow light and natural light.

    Top tips for caring for your cannabis plant

    • We are happy to offer expert advice on cannabis plants. We are experienced growers and can help you every step of the way.
    • Make sure your soil is rich in oxygen and quality before you plant your clone.
    • Don’t overwater your plants.
    • You don’t have to water your plant all the time. Just use water from a spray can.
    • Your clone will be fine unattended for the first week.
    • You can leave your baby plant alone.
    • A lightroom quarter solution is a good option.

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