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Tobacco Mosaic Virus As a Cannabis Growing Problem

Tobacco mosaic virus is a common cannabis growing disease. The virus causes disease by spreading through the plant’s vascular system, much like a human’s circulatory system. Once infected, the virus can infect everything from young leaves to roots. It is possible to quarantine an infected plant to protect its remaining healthy plants. However, quarantining can cause yield loss in some crops.

The virus is spread by pests like leafhoppers and aphids. You can also spread tobacco mosaic virus through seeds and starter pots. Tobacco mosaic virus is most common in tobacco crops, but it affects other plants as well. It causes twisted leaves, lowered yields, and a mottled appearance. There is no known cure for the virus. It can be spread from one plant to another through contaminated soil or even by chewing on plants. Cannabis plants may be infected with the virus if they have contact with tobacco products.

Fortunately, the virus is not as common as some growers may fear. Infected plants can easily be spread to other plants by rubbing against each other. Hands can also be infected by tobacco, which can be spread to the plants by inhaling the smoke. Tobacco mosaic virus is also extremely stable, with some strains remaining infectious for 50 years. Affected plants will also develop unusual growth patterns.

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