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Sulfur Deficiency As a Cannabis Growing Problem – Reasons and Tips

Sulfur Deficiency as symptom of Cannabis plant deterioration can be traced to insufficient sulphur in soil or water. If you see discoloured leaves on the underside of your plants, or if your flowers aren’t thick enough, you have Sulfur Deficiency. There are steps you can take to reverse this problem. Here are some tips:

Sulfur Deficiency is one of the most common issues in soil-grown marijuana plants. This nutrient deficiency can cause your plants to develop smaller, yellow or pale green leaves. They will also grow more slowly and will be prone to leaf wither. In addition, the petioles and branches of your plants will develop a slight red or purple hue.

Another important step in solving this Sulfur Deficiency problem is to avoid underfeeding your plants. Underfeeding will cause your plants to have a lower yield than they would otherwise have. In order to treat your plants effectively, you should consider applying a solution of Epsom salt on their undersides. In addition to this, you should check the pH levels of your soil before starting any cannabis growing.

The most common symptom of Sulfur Deficiency in plants is yellowing of the leaves. This effect may be subtle or prominent. The yellowing can also be indicative of other deficiencies such as nitrogen deficiency. In the later stages of cannabis growth, the plants can become stunted and develop chlorosis, a fungus. If your plants are susceptible to this disease, it is important to treat them as soon as possible.

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